Postmortal Psychodelia
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About Corpse Veronese

Crawling from an epicenter of violent inertia where forces of opposing yet equal strength press together in an eternal collision the entity emerges and takes its form.

Combining art and dark spirituality ‘Post Mortal Psychedelia’ is an ever-unfolding journey comprised of dark visions. A narration on life as seen through the eyes of the dead.

A critique on sentience from within the darkness, where in all things beautiful and horrible alike are seen as discerned yet indivisible, wept, mourned, loved and loathed all the same.

Special Notes:
Within the artistic and philosophical framework of Post Mortal Psychedelia the term ‘psychedelia’ has been recontextualized to communicate an altered state of mind wherein the interplay of life, death and death energy are the catalysts and not the use of drugs. The artist is fully aware of the synonymous nature of the word and disavows any association with drugs or drug usage.
Corpse is drug free. All works created and states of mind communicated are not drug induced.

Corpse does not practice nor condone the abuse of animals. No animals were harmed during the course of artistic endeavor.

Corpse currently exists, works and practices in The Gold Coast, Australia