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Meditations and Apparitions.
30 Jun 2013
Relocation of studio space 2013
28 Jun 2013


For the last three years this has not only been my main workstation but a space of creative contemplation and manifestation tantamount to a spiritually black chamber of worship. It has now been dismantled in preparation for my moving of house and will once again resurrect in renewed form and vigor at a not so distant future point.

I’m not much for sentimentality but I do recognize significance and with the amount of emotion and physical energy poured out at this spot may whatever god the next tenants worship help them.


“No tears please. It’s a waste of good suffering.”



Studio space 2010 -2013


Studio space 2013


Studio space: Black spaces 2013

A few drawings from 2012
27 Jun 2013


Ocean upon a desolate shore 2012


The ocean as emotion and the shore as coldness and desolation.

The waves rage, wild and unfocused slamming against the desolation, destroying themselves time and again, and in the destroying give the shore gives an illusion of emotionality. But the shore remains cold, unfeeling and unaffected by the onslaught.

Ocean upon a desolate shore 2012


Gesso, charcoal, willow, compressed charcoal, on paper

Artwork lost/destroyed




Monolith and Ocean 2012


A progression on the idea Ocean upon a desolate shore.

Multi layered in meanings the black monolith sits at the centre of a turbulent ocean.

The desolation has taken a more centralized form representing a core darkness penetrating from within; it is the emptiness that sits within the transient world.

Gaunt, never changing or moving it exists partly consumed by the turbulence that surrounds it, the turbulence it creates.


It is here that the archetypal nature of the Shiva Linga comes into form as two symbols come together to create one.

Monolith and Ocean 2012


Gesso, charcoal, willow, compressed charcoal, on paper

Image of a recent corpus of work from 2012
27 Jun 2013

13 Dec 2012

25 Nov 2012

Once again the concept of the Monolith returns to my thoughts. Very much the antithesis of the void yet a void nonetheless, in it’s own null and solidified occupation of space, I find an affinity and even accord between the Monolith, myself and the bleak emptiness that moves through all things living and dead alike.

Monolith                                                                                                                                                                   2012                                                                                                                                                                 Charcoal, Gesso on paper

Solar Eclipse
19 Nov 2012


On the morning of the 14th of November I was fortunate enough to be in Cairns to witness the solar eclipse.

It really was an amazing thing to experience.


Solar Eclipse 14/11/2012

Photo: Corpse Veronese


Solar Eclipse 14/11/2012

Photo: Corpse Veronese

Dead White Roses
19 Oct 2012

It's good to be experimenting with oils again.

Storm over the Gold Coast 24-9-2012
25 Sep 2012

For quite some time I have despised these powerlines that obstruct the skyline view from my balcony. But every now and then they work rather aesthetically in certain compositions.

Welcome to Post Mortal Psychedelia
09 Aug 2012


Greetings All

Welcome to Post Mortal Psychedelia.

The concept behind this site was a long time in the emerging and I am pleased to see it finally come to fruition. This blog has lain idle since the site came into being as it has been my deliberate intention to hold off on its initiation until new work was in production. I am pleased to say new work is now most definitely in production.

The purpose of this blog is one of information and insight. A glimpse if you will into not only the process, and creation of new and upcoming work but also into the thoughts, philosophies, and inspirations that drives me, and develops as a result.

As well as this it will showcase any little odds, ends or artistic meanderings that I may indulge along the way.  Being the erratic creature that I am the sharing of information will not be consistent. At times either exploding in volume or trickling down to almost nothing. But behind the scenes I will always be actively working on something.

As with the blog there are also other areas of this site that seem to have been left neglected even abandoned like empty tombs just waiting to be filled.

These too will start to show signs of disturbance as the thoughts that spurred them start to scratch their way into reality and take shape. One such gap is The Zero Percent%

The Zero Percent% is a collaboration between myself and long time partner in crime currently known only as Sysiphus.

The first offerings of the Zero Percent% are imminent.

Conceptually the Zero Percent% has proved a much more difficult challenge than initially thought and still has some ways to go before coming to a workable resolution, the result of having two separate entities at the helm, and even though we both have the same destination in mind, we both have very different ideas about the direction to take.  This is in no way being seen as a liability but instead a catalyst out of which some serious irreverence will surely grow.


Objectified 001 Late Night Self-Portrait Sessions 2012 Willow, Conte, and compressed charcoal on paper. Photographed in candlelight.


Objectified 001

Late Night Self-Portrait Sessions 2012

Willow, Conte, and compressed charcoal on paper.

Photographed in candlelight.